More than just a coffee

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People love coffee. People love coffee art. Would it be a nicely made milky heart on a latte or a colorful cup – some coffee shops know how to make our to-go coffee something more than just a hot drink.

New York based food photographer Henry Hargreaves says: “People enjoy good art on coffee cups and it’s something that we don’t see enough of.” Therefore, his blog “Coffee Cups of the World” lets us see the whole gallery of unique coffee cups from all over the world.

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The beginning of “Coffee Cups of the World” was simple. “Basically, I just started to notice that some places in New York are doing very nice coffee cups,” says Henry. The first coffee cup of his collection was from Brooklyn based restaurant “Five Leaves”. That’s where the magic and genius of the project has started. That beautifully designed cup from “Five Leaves’ is still one of his favorite ones. The author also states that the idea of collecting cups helped him to travel more and explore cities with a help of coffee shops.

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Now there are hundreds of coffee cups in his collection and thousands of followers finding beauty and inspiration in such a simple thing as a paper cup. The project is still growing as people from every part of the world started photographing the unique cups and submitting them for Henry’s blog.

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